Is The Hand-Wringing Over ‘Frolf’ Worth The Worry?

Pros, other disc golf stakeholders weigh in on the sport’s lesser monikers

“Seinfeld” character George Costanza famously referred to disc golf as “frolf,” but the debate rages on to this day.
When disc golf goes viral, it’s always cause for celebration. The exposure of this relatively niche sport to new eyeballs brings hope for growth, increased legitimacy of the Professional Disc Golf Association, and general good vibes when players’ friends and family see those plastic discs flying through the air on well-known, respected news outlets.

It’s all sunshine and rainbows, until one of the mainstream publications insists on calling the sport “frolf” or “Frisbee golf,” which brings out any number of responses from disc golf’s supporters:

“Ugh, he called it frolf.”

“It’s a disc, not a Frisbee.”

“Except when they ruined it by calling it frolf.”

It’s not Frolf, it’s Disc Golf.  And this is the article that helps to define the distinction between Disc Golf and Frolf.  Disc Golf is a rules based, course driven, confined game.

Frolf is a completely different sport, and the name “Frolf” goes with that sport.

Even Disc Golf players don’t want the moniker “Frolf”.

Is The Hand-Wringing Over ‘Frolf’ Worth The Worry?

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