Standard Frolf Rules

In every Frolf game there is only one necessary rule; pick a target and begin throwing your disc.  There are optional rules players can decide to take on, or not, depending on who is calling the target.   Everything and everyone is subject to negotiation and discussion.

Everything and everyone is part of the field. This includes dogs who love discs, people who unwittingly become part of the game by throwing your disc back to you. You have to take the disc from wherever it ultimately stops moving including these issues.

  1. Pick a hole.

    1. Example: The statue of Thomas Jefferson on the Univeristy of Virginia campus
  2. Pick a par (optional)

    1. Note: If you are playing Frolf, you are considered to be a professional at Frolf.  Therefore, you should always be able to score a birdie (1 under par) on a given shot.  If you think a target should take 3 shots, then set the par at 4.
  3. Select your bonus shots (optional)

    1. Example: A bonus of -1 if you can make your first shot past the tree in the long distance, or near a hazard.
  4. Select your hazards (optional)

    1. Example: Hitting the street is a one shot hazard.  (Best used when you want the play to remain on a sidewalk, or out of the street.
  5. Allocate a handy cap to a player (optional)

    1. Example: If a player, or player group (like “the boys”) has been playing particularly well, or winning every hole, the person picking the next hole can call a handicap of +1 shot for “the boys”.
  6. Loser of the previous hole chooses the next target

    1. Additionally: Loser has the option of taking advantage of any optional rules (optional).
  7. Shoot in order of winner of the previous hole to the loser. (optional)

    1. Intention: The intention of this rule is to have the person who has been winning reveal their strategy first, allowing the people who did not win the previous hole to benefit from this information before shooting.

Standard Frolf Rules

There are no hard fast rules other than the Spirit of the Game. There are only standard rules and standard hazards, all of which are optional.

Calling “standard rules apply” before a shot means that the following rules are applied to the current shot only. As with all rules, they are subject to negotiation and discussion. The idea is more important than the explicit rule.

  1. 3 Second Rule

    1. After 3 seconds, a claim becomes accepted if it is not contested. All parties must hear the claim, and everyone has the opportunity to contest the claim.  This rule is great fun when somebody in the group is wrapped up inside their heads, it causes them to join the game.
  2. Mob rules

    1. The group can vote to decide actual outcomes of a shot. If the mob does not believe that the interaction with the girl was a bonus because she wasn’t beautiful, then it wasn’t a bonus shot.
  3. Explicit Rules

    1. All rules must be called out before the first person takes their shot.
  4. Inconsiderate Boob Rule

    1. If you walk between the person shooting and the hole, the person shooting can throw their disc at you. If they hit you, they can pick up their disc at either the location of the inconsiderate boob or where the disc landed, whichever is more advantageous to the thrower. If the thrower misses the inconsiderate boob, then the throw is taken as a shot and the thrower must play from where the disc lands.

Standard Hazards

Hazards cost you a shot. Standard hazards are intended to preserve the sanity of the community unwittingly made part of your game. On occasion, some hazards can be viewed as non-hazards, or bonuses.

  1. Parked cars excluding their tires
  2. Moving cars including their tires
  3. Babies, kids, pre-teens, senior citizens, or any other truly innocent bystander.
  4. Personal property owned by anyone other than the participants

Standard Bonus Shots

1) Hitting someone in your group who has crossed in the path between you and the stated goal. You get to pick up your disk the better of wherever the person was standing or where the disc lands.

2) Incorporating beautiful people into the game at some level. The task of finding a beautiful person who will help you out with your game makes them part of your game. Beauty is defined by the participants of the game.

Standard Exceptions

Exceptions reverse the call on the shot, and can become either a bonus or a hazard. In all of Frolf, hazards can become a bonuses, and bonuses can become a hazards.

  1. BMW’s are not a hazard.
  2. Accidentally hitting mean people is a one shot bonus.  The definition of a “mean person” is determined by Mob Rule (see above).
  3. Including someone into your game who is not of the Frolf spirit is a hazard and a 1 shot penalty.

Frolf Terms

You can always look up Frolf terms in the glossary of Golf termsdirectory.  Much of those terms have no meaning for Frolf, but the gist is there.