Frolf is a social game rather than a competitive game, individuals typically take on specific roles to support the continuous progression of play. Discs will end up in trees, on 2nd story porches, on top of trucks, and in various water hazards. For these situations you need a Climber.

Additionally, Frolf is a game played wherever you are. This will normally include areas where other people are enjoying the same space. Occasionally, a disc will not go where it was intended, and will collide with an innocent bystander or nice car. For these situations, you need a Negotiator.


The Climber accepts their role as accidental disc loss recovery crew. Arguably the most important and most used member of the team. The Climbers chosen task is to climb trees, houses, or whatever object reached out and grabbed the disc in mid flight. This is the person who would climb trees as a kid just because they could. There was no rock or boulder too precarious to assault.

Intentionally throwing a disc into an obstacle relieves the climber from any recovery responsibility.


The Negotiator must be confident, solid, quick witted, socially interactive individual who is not afraid to fix situations caused either by themselves, or by others in the group. The Negotiator must be able to discuss concepts of the game with a potentially irate individual, who may or may not share your same sense of socially interactive sport. Good negotiators will have an opportunity to include various individuals into the game allowing for bonus points and a larger team.