Golf, Disc Golf, Frolf, and Calvinball

Golf, Disc Golf, Frolf, and Calvinball

Golf, Disc Golf, Frolf, and CalvinballHere are the major differences between Golf, Disc Golf, Frolf, and Calvinball.  Generally stated, they form a continuum from the very structured, athletic prowess, and rules based; to the completely anarchistic and purely creative.

Golf and Disc Golf have leagues, explicit rules, winners, and losers.

Frolf and Calvinball have neither leagues nor winners.  Frolf and Calvinball allow anyone, beginner or advanced player, to win.

Golf, Disc Golf, Frolf, Calvinball

IssueGolfDisc GolfFrolfCalvinball
Guiding PrincipleSpirit of the GameYou can't play Calvinball in the same way twice
EquipmentGolf clubs, golf ball, Golf Hole with a TeeDisc (Frisbee, Innova or other like device)Flying Rotating Objects (Large selection of potential flying devices)Anything (all sports and non-sports can be part of Calvinball)
Winner SelectionPerson with the fewest shots in 18 golf holes wins.Person with the fewest throws in 18 Disc baskets wins.Person who wins the very last shot, or negotiates their way into winning wins.Person whose wit and intelligence is higher.
Throwing OrderWinner of the previous hole shots first, loser shoots lastMade up on the moment.
Completion of a hole
Rigidity of rulesEstablished, and fixedEstablished and fixedFluid, with guidelinesAbsolutely none
Course BoundariesSpecific SpecificUnboundedBoundaries?
The comparison chart between Golf, Disc Golf, Frolf, and Calvinball

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