Frolfing is what you’re doing when you are playing Frolf.

The urban dictionary has the best definition of Frolfing.  It is when you’re having a Frolf Game.

Frolfing is more than just a thing you are doing. Frolfing is a way to be in the world.  It is a way to play, interact, socialize, and live. It has to do with having fun, without interrupting or disrupting other peoples lives.


Frolfing is very freeform and allows for all kinds of courses.  Some courses are standardized, with explicit launch pads, and baskets. Other games are at Hoch, using where you are as the starting point and what you called as the basket.


Frolfing Discs are required to play. There are many different types of desks you will want to use. Because does not have boundaries, using a gigantic driver to cover long distances is necessary! For tricky shots through parking lots, disks that will do no harm are an absolute must. It is possible to use disc golf discs when playing Frolf.