What Is Frolf?

Frolf is played among groups with a Flying Object.  Originally this was a Frisbee disc, and evolved to include new brands, and alternative flying objects including boomerangs, squishy discs, and aerobies.  Frolf is a freeform amorphous ever changing game that can be played anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Frolf is not confined to; courses, holes, distances, geographical locations, urban, suburban, specific discs, streets, parks, or beaches.  It is part of an overall positive social interaction, and does no harm to living creatures or personal property.

At its core, Frolf exists inside the “Sprit Of The Game” which sets the tone for everyone for how to play, and can act as a guideline for how live.

What is frofling?

What is disc golf?

What is disc golf?

Where can you play Frolf?

Frolf can be played anywhere as it is a dynamic social sport taking advantage of terrain, obstacles and targets along the way.  Normally played in or near where you live, it should be played outdoors.

What does FROLF stand for?

Frolf stands for FReeform gOLF.  Historically, the term Frolf came from FRisbee gOLF when Frisbee was the only Flying Disc available.  Like kleenex, frisbee has become known as the flying disc default term.

The Acronym FROLF according to the Free Dictionary.  According to the online slang dictionary, the definition is about Seinfeld.

Some people play a game called Disc Golf in tournaments for money.  Frolf is for fun.  You can play it with any flying object  you can propel.

When do you play Frolf?

Any time, day or night.  All you need is a frolf disc, and someone to play with. Even that is up for negotiation.

Why Frolf?

Frolf is a way of life, not a question.

Why does Wikipedia call Disc Golf and Frolf the same thing?

Wikipedia does not make any distinction between Disc Golf and Frolf because there is no page regarding Frolf on Wikipedia.  The page on Frolf auto forwards to the Disc Golf page.


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