Frolf Discs

Welcome to the social sport of Frolf! You are probably here because you have tried to play the game at least once, and are looking for advice on creating your Frolf bag of discs.

You’re here! You made it!

Find your favorite Frolf Discs here. Choose disks for a wide range of uses, some for super long distances, some for chopping through trees. Choose a Frolf disc that is disposable for those moving water traps (in case you don’t make your shot, and you don’t want to have to chase after your disc).  Find one that allows you to live by the Spirit of the Game, and still hit a car with your disc, without penalty!

Best Frolf Discs

Frolf Discs

Choose the right Frolf disc for the occasion. Sam chose the right disposable Frolf Disc for her shot given the wide river obstacle.

The best Frolf discs are the ones you don’t have to worry about. They might get picked up by a dog, and you may have to sacrifice your frolfing disc to the neighbor’s yard. Who knows what is in store for the next round? Make sure to have about a half a dozen cheap throw away Frolf discs so you can not worry about them if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

You can also use Frolf disc numbers to understand how the disc will fly, and get some idea of the performance of the disc. These numbers are usually reserved for the more professional Disc Golf leagues and players. Most of the discs you use in Frolf do not require numbers because there is a different design behind what goes in your bag.

Frisbee Discs

Yes, we are all aware that Frolf originally stood for FRisbee gOLF. So, if youre a traditionalist, go for the original Frisbee Disc. They provide quite a bit of variation in their discs. Get at least one at 175 G. Try something a little different for night time play.

Drive for Show

When you are going for the long drive, across a canyon, or a beach, or a football field, use an Aerobie disc.  They fly the long distances.  They also go forever, meaning if you are not skilled in throwing a long distance disc, be careful.  Spend some time learning how to throw an Aerobie.

Putt for Dough

Putting the disc in the basket (or at the target) is how you win a hole. Make sure you have some easy to manage, straight shooters for that final shot. In most cases, using a standard Disc Golf disc will work for that last putt.

Disc Golf

You can also use an alternative and potentially more professional Disc Golf disc.

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