Founded in San Francisco 1999, Frolf.com is the worlds leading frolf website. Frolf, derived from two English words Frisbee and Golf, is a more chaotic anarchistic version of Disc Golf. Designed to aid in the growth and development of a large worldwide Frolf community, it is Frolf.com’s mission to enable everyone to play the game.

Frolf.Com is the online version of the real world hobby called Frolf. Frolf derives from the source words Frisbee and Golf. The original idea behind Frolf is to play golf with a disc. There are professional organizations for competitive Disc Golf which are not discussed on this site. Frolf focuses less on competition and more on being social.

This site is designed to help people understand the sport, and to build a community of like minded individuals. Send us an email if you would like to post a story, or show your favorite course.

Participation in the site is recommended.

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