Spirit of the Game

Frolf, unlike Disc Golf, is a freeform amorphous game, played among friends in a social setting without the confines of a course laid out by professionals attempting to force conformity. The game is part of a positive social interaction, and does no harm to living creatures or property.

Rules change based on user preferences, weather, moving targets, crowds, time of day, random issues, and skill levels of the players, much like Calvinball (see Calvin and Hobbes). A first time player should be able to play with seasoned veterans and still have a great time, win many holes, and have a better than average shot at winning the game.

The spirit of the game is a friendly, non-competitive, socially interactive game. Violating the Spirit of the Game is not a penalty per se, but can be used when discussing whether a shot counted or not. It can be played anywhere at any time by anyone. Everyone and everything in the world is part of the game.

The Spirit of the Game is the only standing rule of the game. All else is up for discussion and negotiation by the players on the field.