What is Frolf?

Frolf in the ParkFrolf, like Disc Golf, is played among groups with a disc (originally a Frisbee disc).  That’s about where the similarities end.  Frolf, unlike Disc Golf, is a freeform amorphous ever changing game that can be played anywhere and everywhere in the world.


Frolf is not confined to; courses, holes, distances, geographical locations, urban, suburban, specific discs, streets, parks, or beaches.  You will find that there are Frolf Courses everywhere using everything as a disc basket.  Everyone and everything in the world is part of the frolfing game.  Frolf is part of an overall positive social interaction that does no harm to living creatures or personal property. At its core, it exists inside the “Sprit Of The Game” which sets the tone for everyone for how to play.


Rules change based on player preferences, weather, moving targets, crowds, time of day, random issues, and skill levels of the players; much like Calvinball. Unlike Calvinball, Frolf requires you to use a flying object of some sort.  It can be played at any time by anyone with one of many Frolf discs.  A first time player should be able to play with seasoned veterans and still have a great time, win many holes, and have a better than average shot at winning the game playing from any role.


Frolf is a game best played on college campuses to relieve stress, get to know the campus, or just to get out and socialize with current and new friends.  Most college students know the game, and play it with their own rules and strategies.  Below is a video take of a standard college Frolf game.


Frolf and the Spirit of the Game

The Spirit of the Game is that Frolf is a friendly, non-competitive/competitive, socially interactive game.  Causing a social violation is counter to the Spirit of the Game.  For instance, offending someone, or hitting an innocent bystander with a disc is a social violation, and counter to the Spirit of the Game.  Breaking anything is against the spirit of the game .  Most of the Standard Rules fit withing the Spirit of the Game.  Violating the Spirit of the Game is not a penalty per se, but can be used when discussing whether a shot counted or not, a rule is valid or not.


The Spirit of the Game is the only standing rule of the game. All else is up for discussion and negotiation by the players on the field.